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Nashville, Tennessee is a world-class city on the move. It has become a top destination for tourists and is attracting all types of companies from around the world featuring a central location, favorable economic conditions, quality workforce and a well below average cost of living for a state its size.

However, Nashville and the surrounding Middle Tennessee area have been built around the automobile as the primary means of mobility.

A definitive lack of transportation is often identified as the most significant barrier to employment and everyday access for individuals with an ambulatory or cognitive disability who use a wheelchair.

Nationally, there are 21-million people with an ambulatory disability, with more than 43% between the ages of 21-64. Furthermore, in Nashville/Davidson County Metro area, just over 100,000 people are ambulatory disabled.

We are proud
to introduce


Our company serves to further the independence of people with disabilities and the elderly.

We are in the “freedom” business and will help individuals find the keys to their independence.

Rhonda Clark, President & CEO, has a compelling story combined with an ambitious and talented leadership team, that will provide affordable, on-time, safe & reliable transportation services and more!



Able & Ready Transportation, Inc. is building the business by raising money to purchase vehicles and startup capital before we can launch the business and provide these much-needed services. Able & Ready Transportation, Inc. is a for-profit company which will provide transportation services across multiple county lines in the metro Nashville area. This will also allow 24-hour service, seven days per week. Otherwise, if it were a non-profit, it could only provide services within one county. 

We will be able to provide transportation services
once the necessary funds have been raised.
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The Able & Ready Transportation, Inc. brand and business model were conceived using these key realities and goals:

Able & Ready Transportation, Inc. will fill an existing void in the non-medical, non-emergency transportation industry in Nashville with affordable, reliable, and professional transportation services.

The inherent nature of the accessible-ride transportation business model provides Able & Ready Transportation, Inc. a scalable and cash flow ready business model.

The brand and image will be built to foster strong customer loyalty.

Able and Ready Transportation, Inc. will be genuine and true to its altruistic mission.

Our objective is that individuals in the community will consider Able & Ready Transportation, Inc. the number one choice for their transportation needs.

Thank you to these FANTASTIC partners, our first large contributors!!