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Services Will Be Provided

24 hours per day, 7 days per week **holidays will vary - once enough funds have been raised to purchase vehicle


Our Vision

Able & Ready Transportation, Inc. is expected to launch as a full-service, non-medical, non-emergency transportation service. The focus will be in the greater Davidson County Metro Nashville area and surrounding counties. People will be prioritized with developmental and cognitive disabilities including, but not limited to the elderly. As the business grows and expands, the goal is to have a broader reach. Currently, we continue to work towards securing funding to initiate service.

After the $1M dollars is raised, the company will operate with the first small fleet of rear and/or side entry wheelchair accessible vans and more will be added in the future.

Able & Ready Transportation, Inc. will strive to provide the most professional, reliable, and affordable services in the industry to our valued customers. This includes individuals who are in need of getting to work, a doctor appointment, the grocery store, to visit friends/family, a night on the town or just wanting to attend a Sunday morning church service. Those who need and use our service will be very pleased with the level of professionalism provided 24 hours/7 days a week and services will not be restricted to one county. 

“If it’s done right, it will run right.”
…Rhonda Clark


The clear competitive advantage of Able & Ready Transportation, Inc. can be found in the passion and first-hand experience of our leadership, the people who comprise our team, the customer-centric focus of our company and the current fragmented competitive landscape and poor reputation in the marketplace.

Able & Ready Transportation, Inc. will deliver a valuable solution for people in the Nashville metro area who have a disability, via a robust phone app, web site or phone call. Most importantly Able & Ready will restore the dignity and quality of life that is associated with mobility and allow them to maintain their INDEPENDENCE.

No more local round trips costing up to $200, no more getting stranded due to scheduling mistakes, no more sub-standard vehicles and shoddy equipment, no more stringent route restrictions and no more being treated like just a fare.

Q & A

A nonprofit transportation business in Davidson County Tennessee has restrictions regarding crossing county lines. We want the freedom to transport our customers anywhere they want or need to go. Able & Ready Transportation, Inc. will be unlimited in the Metro Nashville and surrounding geographical area.

We need more than one van as a backup in case one of the vehicles breaks down and we need to pick up a passenger. Also, there is such a high demand for adequate and reliable transportation. Our goal is to have four vans to provide the service that is needed. I get contacted multiple times weekly from people needing rides from outlying areas, wanting rides into Nashville. One of the calls I received was from someone who lived 69 miles away who needed a ride into Nashville. If someone that far out needed a ride and we only had one van, no matter the size of the van, the van would be tied up all day. One of the goals of Able & Ready Transportation, Inc. is to avoid long wait times or long ride times for our customers.

It will be a viable business once we have our first vehicle. The customers will be charged for their rides and this will provide the capital to run the business.

The CEO of Able & Ready Transportation, Inc., Rhonda Clark, was born with Cerebral Palsy over 50 years ago and was not expected to live 48 hours. She uses a power wheelchair for mobility. When it came time for her to be tested to see if she could drive, she was unable to safely drive due to the lack of eye-hand coordination, poor depth perception, and slow response time. She wants to provide the resource for herself and others to have the freedom, independence and ability to be able to go where they want and need to go. Able & Ready Transportation, Inc. believes that we are your key to independence and that if it’s done right, it will run right!

Able & Ready Transportation, Inc. is named in honor of Rhonda Clark’s first service assistance dog, Art II, because he was always able & ready to serve her and he also provided her with greater independence which is exactly what we will provide for those who use our service!

Yes! Our goal is to provide service 24 hours per day seven days a week. Holidays may vary.

We are currently working on the phase 1 of the business. Our goal is to raise $1 million so that we can provide enough vehicles to meet the demand while still providing the best quality service possible.

If you would like to contribute, please do so at:

Able & Ready Transportation, Inc.
PO BOX 110275
Nashville, TN 37222

OR click the link below.

Thank you to our sponsors so far: Permobil Foundation, Marcus Lemonis, Kristen Bell, Greene Concepts, Inc., Cram Racing Enterprises, PlumbMasters of Tennessee, Relax The Back, KayeProducts, FaverWebs and many individual contributors!
Also, thanks to Fox 17 Nashville, News Channel 5 Nashville, The Tennessee Register, and the morning show at 107.5 the River (Radio) for helping to spread the word as well.
This needs to be as far reaching as possible, locally as well as nationally. With your support, Able & Ready Transportation, Inc., will get closer to our goal of serving people before the end of the year.

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By supporting Able & Ready Transportation, Inc.
your contribution will benefit people like Rhonda in our community.



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Thank you to these FANTASTIC partners, our first large contributors!!