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Transportation is one of the essentials of life for all of us. However, if you are a person with any type of disability that affects your ability to drive it can and will impact your life greatly. Rhonda has first-hand knowledge and experience not being able to drive, and as she often says, “There are a lot of Rhonda’s out there who want to live, work, and be a part of their communities just like everyone else.” People with disabilities and the elderly don’t leave their homes just to go to the doctor or hospital.

Did you know that the number one reason people with disabilities have a hard to holding down a job is because they often have to rely on paratransit, fixed route buses, or rely on someone to drive them where they need to go? The price is typically high for this type of specialized transportation in upwards at times of close to $200 for a one-way non-medical, non-emergency transportation services that are overbooked and often late. Myself and others have experienced everything mentioned above.

It is with great passion that Able & Ready Transportation, Inc. will be able to provide affordable, courteous, and reliable specialized transportation services in the Nashville, TN area as well as the surrounding counties. Our service will be accessible 7 days a week and will not be restricted to one county.

If it’s done right…
               it will run right.

Able & Ready Transportation, Inc. is your key to independence!

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“Rhonda Clark is one of the most inspiring, dedicated, and passionate individuals we have met.  Rhonda doesn’t let obstacles get in her way, she simply finds a way through drive and determination on how she can make it happen and most importantly how it can better someone else’s life.  That is exactly what Able & Ready Transportation, Inc. can and will do for individuals with disabilities! 

The Permobil Foundation believes that regardless of disability, everyone deserves a chance to reach their dreams without limitations and with the help of companies like Able & Ready Transportation, Inc., we are hopeful that the world can become more accessible and treat everyone equally.  We are proud to support Able & Ready Transportation, Inc.!

Permobil Foundation was the very first sponsor that Able & Ready Transportation, Inc. secured, and they have been supportive through the process as well as of Rhonda personally. Rhonda was the first recipient of the Hero Award from the Permobil Foundation in 2018.”
Ashley Davis
Executive Director, Permobil Foundation

 “Rhonda Clark exhibits some of the most desirable traits one can find in an entrepreneur – she’s motivated, knowledgeable, and most importantly, compassionate. The team at Marcus Lemonis, LLC and our Lemon-Aid Foundation was happy to support her vision for Able & Ready Transportation, Inc. as a means to serve the underserved by providing reliable, quality transportation for people living with disabilities.”
Marcus Lemonis
Lemon-Aid Foundation

 “As a small family-owned race team striving to accomplish great things in an arena of top-tier professional motorsports teams, we recognize the value of having support from sponsors as not only crucial to success but also as a source of encouragement to pay that support forward and help others. Earlier this year, our race team received a blessing in the form of sponsorship dollars from Marcus Lemonis, CEO of Camping World. We knew right away that we wanted to pay forward a portion of the money that we received to someone who was making a difference in the lives of others. Having heard Rhonda Clark’s story on social media we collectively decided to support her mission of bringing safe and reliable transportation to disabled and elderly people. Rhonda is an incredible example of someone who not only faces her own challenges head on with great determination, but who also sees the needs of others as an area that she can step up and make a difference in. It is our honor to support Rhonda Clark and Able & Ready Transportation, Inc.”
Kimberly Cram
Operations Manager for Cram Racing Enterprises, #41 NASCAR, Camping World Truck Series

 “Greene Concepts is a company whose purpose is to provide the world with high-quality, healthy beverage choices that meet the nutritional needs of consumers while enhancing their mind, body, and spirit. Our flagship product, Be Water™, is sourced from springs located in the Blue Ridge Mountains and bottled at the Greene Concepts Beverage and Bottling Plant nestled in the rolling hills of Marion, North Carolina.

How does this relate to the mission of Able & Ready Transportation, Inc? Be Water is a not just a brand, but it is a movement seeking to promote qualities such as: generosity, kindness, goodness, and patience. It is because of our desire to elevate mindfulness surrounding those attributes that Greene Concepts is proud to be a sponsor of Able & Ready Transportation, Inc. Rhonda Clark’s mission of bringing affordable, courteous, and reliable specialized transportation to people with disabilities and the elderly embodies the Be Water philosophy of being kind, generous, and good. The importance of access to transportation for vulnerable populations is life-changing and lifesaving. Greene Concepts is proud to support Able & Ready Transportation, Inc. and the meaningful work they have been called to do.”
Lenny Greene
CEO, Greene Concepts

“PlumbMasters is a local, family-owned plumbing business that understands the needs of others. Like us, Able & Ready Transportation, Inc. is a locally owned business designed to help those in need as well. We support Able & Ready Transportation, Inc. as it aligns with our values, and because they have a love for people who want to live their lives as independently as possible.”
Scott & Tammy Scragg
Owners, PlumbMasters

 “We have had the privilege of knowing Rhonda Clark for over 20 years. Her tenacity and determination to live independently have been so inspiring to witness. On a meager salary, she even managed to become debt free …. including her mortgage… a claim very few of us can make!

Now she has taken on her biggest challenge to date: starting a transportation service for people with disabilities. She is so very passionate about this because she has seen firsthand the lack of quality in the services that are currently available. I can’t imagine the frustration of trying to hold down a job so you can continue to live independently but having to depend on unreliable transportation to get there! Rhonda will not stop until she sees her vision become a reality!

Rest assured, any contributions that you make will be handled with the greatest respect, and 100% will go toward providing reliable transportation for the disabled in the Davidson county area. Able & Ready Transportation, Inc. has already received contributions from entrepreneur and philanthropist, Marcus Lemonis, as well as actress Kristen Bell!

Won’t you join us in helping Rhonda’s dream became a reality?”
Robert & Angela Wimbish
Angela Wimbish@simplysparkleboxco

“As someone who has known you for about 20 years, I can truly say that you are one person that always seeks to find a way to make your own path and to help others, and to do that as independently as possible. You have struggled for many years with unavailable, insufficient and expensive transportation services available to you and others that rely on public services, to allow them to work and be productive members of society. I had heard your stories, but until I saw it first-hand did it become really personal with me.

Several years ago, I was working at an office building on West End and as usual, was one of the last people to leave the building. I usually did not see anyone when I vacated my office but happened to see a woman in a wheelchair facing the door to the street. I asked her if she was alright and with tears in her eyes, she indicated she had called for a service to transport her home several hours ago and no one had come. She had called several times with no answer, and now her phone had died. I decided to call myself, and after several more calls to the transportation company and their management team, was able to secure a ride for her, though at this point it was another hour later (around 7pm). When the transportation company finally arrived, they did not apologize and seemed to be disinterested in the turmoil she had been in. I watched her being driven away and prayed she would be safely arrive at her home.

Independence is so important, and all this woman (with CP) wanted. After that, I reached out to Rhonda to tell her my story and she told me she hears of these horrors all the time. At that point, I started to contribute to this very worthwhile cause. It is an honor to know Rhonda Clark, and I so happily support Able & Ready Transportation, Inc.”
Grace Upleger
Franklin, Tennessee

“After finding myself stranded recently due to my car needing to be serviced, I immediately thought of Rhonda Clark and Able & Ready Transportation. Having known Rhonda for many years, I was confident that I could call on her with this last-minute emergency. The phone was answered late at night and Rhonda went to work immediately scheduling drivers to meet my transportation needs so that I could make it to work on time the following morning. The driver arrived promptly the following morning and I was instantly comfortable. It was very apparent that my driver was knowledgeable and very capable of assisting me into the van. I arrived at work early without incident. Scheduling my pick-up was equally as simple. The pick-up driver was in constant communication with me throughout the day to ensure my pick-up would arrive on time.
If you expect quality, dependable, knowledgeable drivers, and safety when it comes to essential transportation, this service will be provided to others very soon. I highly recommend Able & Ready Transportation.”
Beverly L. Jones
Licensed Court Reporter – Nashville, Tennessee

“It has been my privilege to work for an industry that does everything they can to promote a better way of life for those utilizing a wheelchair to go about their daily activities. I have worked extensively with this demographic as the photographer promoting wheelchair products. While doing so, it became apparent, time and time again, that transportation is a constant challenge. I’ve heard so many say no one will pick them up or they have to wait a very long time just to get a ride to handle their needs. Able & Ready Transportation, Inc. is handling that need.”

Kim Fetrow, Photographer
Kim Fetrow Photography


Thank you to these FANTASTIC partners, our first large contributors!!