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The Current Situation

The competitive landscape is quite fragmented and littered with small livery services or senior care facilities that have decided to venture into the accessible ride space. It is not their core business and based on our leadership, firsthand experience and testimonials, it shows.

Metro Nashville for years has operated a subsidized accessible ride program that has suffered from red ink, sub-par equipment and deplorable customer service. In 2019 Nashville Metro Transit decided to farm out the business to UZURV, a technology company based in Virginia which is a software application that sends business to a select group of contracted and approved accessible ride share partners. Currently, Senior Solutions is one of the contracted providers and the need exists for more options to support the demand.

This situation led Rhonda to develop the mission and goals of Able & Ready Transportation, Inc. There are 105,000+ individuals in the Nashville area, with even more outside the metro area in the surrounding counties that would require our service.

Able & Ready Transportation, Inc. is based on the objective that we do not need to be all things to all people, rather be all things to our people.

The target audience is adults age 21-64 with disabilities and the elderly in the Nashville metro area including surrounding counties that would benefit from our accessible ride service. 

Able & Ready Transportation, Inc.

Rhonda Clark started Able & Ready Transportation, Inc., a non-emergency company with the goal of providing timely, reliable and cost-efficient transportation services. She says that while the need is always there, there is room to add another transportation company.

As someone with cerebral palsy and who relies on her service dog, Clark is confident her experience can provide better insight.

The Current Paratransit Challenges

Currently, Clark has a retrofitted van that allows her to travel with a driver. But if she does not have a driver for the day, she uses either a public or private transit. However, she says the public option is too restrictive since it is only within Davidson County.

On the other hand, traveling outside of Nashville with a private company has cost her up to $190 one-way.

The number one reason people with a disability can’t keep a job is lack of transportation. I want people to live, work and do what they want and not be restricted,” Clark told NewsChannel 5.

The company just began and she is in the process of purchasing at least four new ADA-compliant vans and hiring drivers. Rhonda’s goal is to be able to drop off clients outside of Davidson County if they choose, and be available on the weekends, and possibly on the holidays.

We’re not just going to take you to your doctor. If somebody wants to go to a movie they’ll be able to go to the movies.“, she added.

Her new company began as several changes to the city’s transit plan took effect that include fewer bus routes, reduced number of hours and increased costs to ride a bus.

The city of Nashville provides a service called WeGo Access. The WeGo Access on Demand is supposed to reduce reservation times and allow same-day pick-up. However, this has proven not to be the case on multiple occasions. 

WeGo has adopted changes to work around an $8.7 million budget deficit which will also result in increased fares for transit services to people with disabilities and the elderly.

Changes to WeGo’s paratransit service fares include an increase from $3.40 to $3.70 per trip for the agency’s traditional WeGo Access Ride service, which is a flat fee per trip, regardless of distance within Davidson County.

Access on Demand service will see an increase from $6.00 to $7.00 for the first 14 miles, and a $1.00 per mile surcharge thereafter.

For the traditional WeGo Access Ride service, WeGo provided 446,139 trips in 2018. They have approximately 90 paratransit-equipped vans, and the agency also works with three third-party service providers for WeGo Access on Demand.

Clark has been using WeGo Access on Demand but it is not available on the weekends which can be frustrating since she goes to church and other social events.

She is unsure what the fares will be for Able & Ready Transportation, Inc. but the ballpark could be around $30 to $40 per trip.

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